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Worlds are the environments which Boundless players explore. They are procedurally generated and rendered using a voxel engine. The engine allows for world generation with a wide variety of colour combinations, sloping terrain, organic variations in shape and orientation, complex underground cave systems, dynamic weather, extreme verticality and highly variable terrain generation unique to each planet. Worlds are composed of billions of blocks. Due to the nature of the engine, no two worlds are ever likely to be the same.

The world is constantly regenerating blocks.

The voxel renderer "gives life" to Boundless worlds with large draw distances (2 kilometers), advanced level of detail (LOD) scaling, real-time reflections, bloom, volumetric fog, depth of field, HDR lighting and god rays.

Worlds all have their own weather systems.

World Tiers[edit | edit source]

Worlds belong to a tier which indicates a relative level of danger and resource availability. Lower-tier Worlds present less danger and have fewer higher-level resources available.

Worlds Inhospitable or above require some sort of elemental protection, either through Skill points allotted or through buffs from Food. A lack of the required protection is indicated in the game by a visible fog in the atmosphere plus debuff icons and a drowning countdown timer in the centre of the screen.

A World's tier is directly related to the amount of health and armour that blocks in that world possess. In other words, it takes more effort and higher-tier tools and weapond to break blocks or defeat creatures on higher tier worlds.

Tier Name Protection Level Block Health Block Armour
1 Placid 0 x1.0 0
2 Temperate 0 x1.1 0
3 Rugged 0 x1.5 100
4 Inhospitable 1 x2.0 200
5 Turbulent 3 x3.0 400
6 Fierce 5 x4.0 600
7 Savage 7 x5.0 800
8 Brutal 10 x6.0 1000

Required Protection[edit | edit source]

There are three categories of elemental protection required for various worlds. The required Elemental protection is indicated by the adjective in the planetary description (see table).

Protection Relevant World Types
Caustic Lush Corrosive Toxic Umbris
Potent Metal Shock Chill Rift
Volatile Coal Blast Burn Blink

Exoplanets[edit | edit source]

While most Worlds are stable, from time to time one (or occaisionally more) unstable Worlds called Exoplanets appear in the skies. These Worlds can not be plotted and can only be reached by using a Totem Augment. They last for only a few dozen real-life hours and disappear once more.

Technical Details[edit | edit source]

Each World is implemented as a separate server, with servers clustered in one of several real-life geographic regions to provide improved network responsiveness to regional players.

Known Worlds[edit | edit source]

Known Worlds and their Regions
Region World Name World Type Tier Rerquired Protection
Australia Boori.pngBoori Rugged Lush 3
Flan.pngFlan Turbulent Toxic 5 Caustic 3
Galan.pngGalan Fierce Shock 6 Potent 5
Lasainia.pngLasainia Placid Lush 1
Lutrion.pngLutrion Temperate Lush 2
Malurialakrib.pngMalurialakrib Fierce Blast 6 Volatile 5
Europe Antar VI Temperate Lush 1
Arie Placid Lush 1
Besevrona Turbulent Corrosive 5 Caustic 3
Cardass Fierce Shock 6 Potent 5
Circapous I Inhospitable Lush 4 Caustic 1
Dzassak Placid Lush 1
Eresho Temperate Lush 2
Finata Temperate Lush 2
Gellis Placid Lush 1
Gloviathosa Rugged Coal 3
Imoco Placid Lush 1
Kol Huroo Fierce Blast 6 Volatile 5
Lamblis Rugged Metal 3
Niia Zed Ka Placid Lush 1
Refgar Placid Lush 1
Sochaltin I.pngSochaltin I Placid Lush 1
Trung Temperate Lush 2
Xa Frant Rugged Lush 3
US East Alder Placid Lush 1
Beckon Placid Lush 1
Biitula Rugged Lush 3
Cephonex Merika Rugged Metal 3
Delta Cancret Inhospitable Coal 4 Volatile 1
Gyosha Ophin Rugged Coal 3
Houchus I Fierce Chill 6 Potent 5
Kada I Temperate Lush 2
Maryx.pngMaryx Placid Lush 1
Pheminorum.pngPheminorum Temperate Lush 2
Raxxa Placid Lush 1
Serpensarindi Turbulent Blast 5 Volatile 3
Shedu Tier Fierce Toxic 6 Caustic 5
Sorissi Placid Lush 1
Tana VII Temperate Lush 2
Trior Placid Lush 1
US West Alcyon Fierce Burn 6 Volatile 5
Alnitans Turbulent Chill 5 Potent 3
Angel I Placid Lush 1
Grovidas Te Rugged Coal 3
Imdaari Rugged Metal 3
Minorengle Temperate Lush 2
Norkyna Fierce Corrosive 6 Caustic 5
Seginiakai Temperate Lush 2
Storis II Placid Lush 1
Till Inhospitable Metal 4 Potent 1