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Warping is a game mechanic by which a player Character can move from one location to another, either within the same World or to different World.

When warping to other worlds, the cost of using a Warp either in the Sanctum or elsewhere is proportional to the distance in Blinksecs. Opening a warp does have a minimum cost of Coin.png 100.

Location Selection[edit | edit source]

Players may select destinations to warp to through the following means:

  • Beacons and Campfires on the Locations menu
  • Saved locations on the Locations menu (including manually-entered coordinates previously input)
  • Locations chosen using a Warp Augment

Locations may be on the same, or on different Worlds.

Blinksecs[edit | edit source]

A Blinksec is a unit of measure of the distance between Worlds.

To travel a greater number of Blinksecs through a Warp requires investment in the Warp Distance.png Warp Distance Skill. No Skill is required to travel through a Portal, regardless of distance.

Warping Home[edit | edit source]

It is always possible to warp to you designated Home Beacon no matter where you are in the Universe even if you lack the required Warp Distance skill by returning to the sanctum (voluntarily or through defeat) and using the right-side Warp. This is always a cost-free action.

Warp[edit | edit source]

A Warp is a trans-dimensional temporary connection between two locations built from at least 2 Warp Conduit.pngWarp Conduits stacked together. It is a one-way one-time use connection that may constructed on the fly (almost) anywhere and simply needs to be activated by choosing a destination and then breaking the blocks to open the Warp.

Anyone may open a Warp. It requires no special Skill.

The use of a Warp may initially seem redundant, when the player can just return to the Sanctum and open a Warp from there, but the Warp will actually remain open for up to one minute even after it's been entered, meaning that multiple players can use a single warp conduit arrangement so that all may reach the same destination from the same origin. A group of players can use this mechanic to save on some coin.

Portal[edit | edit source]

A Portal is a permanent connection between two locations built from at least 2 Portal Conduit.pngPortal Conduits stacked together.

Portals must be a minimum size depending on the Blinksec distance between endpoints. They require an initial charge of Oort Shard.pngOort Shard to open and an ongoing cost of Oort Shards per hour to keep open. The opening and operating cost is dependent on the size of the Portal.

Opening a Portal requires investing Skill Point.png 5 Skill Points in the Portal Epic.png Portal Epic and sufficient Skill Point.png Skill Points in the Warp Distance.png Warp Distance Skill for the number of Blinksecs between the Portals.

Opening a portal requires the use of a Portal Token.pngPortal Token to select the destination endpoint. The process of constructing a Portal requires the following steps.

  • Build the destination Portal of an appropriate size (see table).
  • Create a Portal Token for that endpoint.
  • Constructed the origin Portal of an identical size.
  • Insert the Portal Token and a correct number of Oort Shards (there is a minimum to open, and some number per hour required for operation).
  • Press the button to activate the Portal, then open it by breaking the blocks with a tool when prompted.

For unknown reasons Portal work best if facing north or south.

As Blinksec distance increases, the size requirement of the multi-block Portal increases, as does its opening and hourly cost of maintenance.[1]

Portal Requirements
Blinksecs Size Open
Cost per
0 1 50 1
1 6 50 1
2 9 100 2
3 15 100 2
4 24 200 4
5 32 200 4
6 40 500 10
7 50 500 10
  1. [1] Portal costs/size by Jiivita