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Settlements are plotted areas with Prestige greater than 10,000. A settlement consists of at least one Beacon, but may have many Beacons owned by many Characters as long as they touch with more than two plots.

The Character owning the Beacon with the highest Prestige becomes the Warden or Mayor of the Settlement. The Warden gets the privilege of naming or renaming the Settlement.

Settlements whose prestige is too small will not be classified at all and not be given a name.

A Beacon in the Settlement will show a ranking of up to the 5 top contributors to the settlement, and Settlements are visible on Worlds in the sky when holding the Totem. The Settlement with the highest Prestige will be granted the title of Capital on that World and shows up as a yellow indicator on the Compass.

Prestige Rank Footfall
0 .. 9,999 Coin.png 0
10,000 .. 49,999 Outpost Coin.png 20
50,000 .. 249,999 Hamlet Coin.png 30
250,000 .. 1,249,999 Village Coin.png 40
1,250,000 .. 6,490,000 Town Coin.png 60
6,500,000 .. 31,900,000 City Coin.png 80
32,000,000 and up Great City Coin.png 100

Footfall is generated once per 24 hours (IRL time) per Character. Friended Players and Characters who have Beacons or Permissions on Beacons in the same Settlement do not contribute to Footfall.

Prestige base values by block are as follows.

Block Base Prestige
Advanced Workbench Power Coil 150
Advanced Refinery Power Coil.pngAdvanced Refinery Power Coil 150
Advanced Mixer Power Coil 150
Advanced Extractor Power Coil.pngAdvanced Extractor Power Coil 150
Advanced Compactor Power Coil 150
Advanced Centraforge Power Coil 150
Decorative Topaz 140
Decorative Sapphire.pngDecorative Sapphire 140
Decorative Ruby 140
Decorative Emerald 140
Decorative Diamond 140
Decorative Amethyst.pngDecorative Amethyst 140
Workbench Power Coil 100
Refinery Power Coil 100
Mixer Power Coil.pngMixer Power Coil 100
Extractor Power Coil 100
Compactor Power Coil 100
Compact Topaz.pngCompact Topaz 100
Compact Sapphire.pngCompact Sapphire 100
Compact Ruby.pngCompact Ruby 100
Compact Emerald.pngCompact Emerald 100
Compact Diamond.pngCompact Diamond 100
Compact Amethyst.pngCompact Amethyst 100
Centraforge Power Coil 100
Spark Generator.pngSpark Generator 80
Machined Titanium Alloy 80
Refined Titanium Alloy 70
Machined Silver Alloy 70
Machined Gold Alloy.pngMachined Gold Alloy 70
Refined Silver Alloy 60
Refined Gold Alloy 60
Machined Iron.pngMachined Iron 60
Compact Titanium Alloy.pngCompact Titanium Alloy 60
Titanium Furnace Crucible.pngTitanium Furnace Crucible 50
Titanium Furnace Base.pngTitanium Furnace Base 50
Refinery.pngRefinery 50
Refined Iron.pngRefined Iron 50
Mixer.pngMixer 50
Machined Copper.pngMachined Copper 50
Extractor.pngExtractor 50
Compactor.pngCompactor 50
Compact Silver Alloy.pngCompact Silver Alloy 50
Compact Gold Alloy.pngCompact Gold Alloy 50
Centraforge.pngCentraforge 50
Refined Copper.pngRefined Copper 40
Gleam Lantern 40
Compact Iron.pngCompact Iron 40
Compact Hard Coal.pngCompact Hard Coal 36
Workbench.pngWorkbench 30
Portal Conduit.pngPortal Conduit 30
Open Portal 30
Compact Copper.pngCompact Copper 30
Iron Furnace Crucible.pngIron Furnace Crucible 25
Iron Furnace Base.pngIron Furnace Base 25
Compact Coal 24
Lantern 15
Trampoline.pngTrampoline 12
Slide.pngSlide 12
Ornate Gleam Trapdoor 12
Ornate Gleam Door.pngOrnate Gleam Door 12
Decorative Twisted Wood.pngDecorative Twisted Wood 12
Decorative Sedimentary Rock 2.pngDecorative Sedimentary Rock 2 12
Decorative Sedimentary Rock 1 12
Decorative Metamorphic Rock 2.pngDecorative Metamorphic Rock 2 12
Decorative Metamorphic Rock 1 12
Decorative Lustrous Wood.pngDecorative Lustrous Wood 12
Decorative Igneous Rock 2.pngDecorative Igneous Rock 2 12
Decorative Igneous Rock 1 12
Decorative Ancient Wood.pngDecorative Ancient Wood 12
Compact Soft Coal.pngCompact Soft Coal 12
Topaz Torch 10
Sedimentary Brick 10
Sapphire Torch 10
Ruby Torch 10
Refined Gleam 10
Ornate Metal Trapdoor.pngOrnate Metal Trapdoor 10
Ornate Metal Door.pngOrnate Metal Door 10
Metamorphic Brick.pngMetamorphic Brick 10
Igneous Brick 10
Emerald Torch 10
Diamond Torch.pngDiamond Torch 10
Amethyst Torch 10
Shop Stand.pngShop Stand 8
Request Basket.pngRequest Basket 8
Ornate Stone Trapdoor 8
Ornate Stone Door.pngOrnate Stone Door 8
Stylish Gleam Trapdoor 7
Stylish Gleam Door.pngStylish Gleam Door 7
Warp Conduit.pngWarp Conduit 6
Stylish Metal Trapdoor.pngStylish Metal Trapdoor 6
Stylish Metal Door.pngStylish Metal Door 6
Refined Twisted Wood.pngRefined Twisted Wood 6
Refined Sedimentary Rock 6
Refined Metamorphic Rock.pngRefined Metamorphic Rock 6
Refined Lustrous Wood 6
Refined Igneous Rock.pngRefined Igneous Rock 6
Refined Ancient Wood 6
Ornate Wood Trapdoor.pngOrnate Wood Trapdoor 6
Ornate Wood Door.pngOrnate Wood Door 6
Open Warp 6
Gleam 6
Glass 6
Dormant Warp Conduit 6
Compact Silt 6
Compact Peat 6
Compact Clay 6
Torch 5
Table 5
Stylish Stone Trapdoor 5
Stylish Stone Door 5
Storage Shelf 5
Storage Block 5
Stone Furnace Crucible 5
Stone Furnace Base 5
Spark Link 5
Sign Module 5
Sign 5
Plinth 5
Plain Gleam Trapdoor 5
Plain Gleam Door 5
Door Lock 5
Crafting Table 5
Chair 5
Weeping Waxcap Fungus 4
Twisted Aloba 4
Trumpet Root 4
Traveller’s Perch 4
Tinted-Burst Fungus 4
Tapered Boulder 4
Stylish Wood Trapdoor 4
Stylish Wood Door 4
Stardrop Plant 4
Spineflower 4
Spineback Plant 4
Rosetta Nox 4
Plain Metal Trapdoor 4
Plain Metal Door 4
Oortian’s Staff 4
Mottled Tar Spot Fungus 4
Glow Cap Fungus 4
Gladeflower 4
Ghostflower 4
Desert Sword 4
Clustered Tongue Fungus 4
Cloneflower 4
Branch Funnel Fungus 4
Boulder Tower 4
Boulder Ring 4
Boulder Chip 4
Beanstalk Boulder 4
Basic Boulder 4
Plain Stone Trapdoor 3
Plain Stone Door 3
Twisted Wood Timber 2
Sedimentary Stones 2
Plain Wood Trapdoor 2
Plain Wood Door 2
Metamorphic Stones 2
Lustrous Wood Timber 2
Igneous Stones 2
Basic Torch 2
Ancient Wood Timber 2

How prestige works[edit | edit source]

Beacon prestige is calculated by adding together the base prestige value of all blocks within the beacon, and then applying a multiplier based on several factors:

  • block variety (different types of blocks)
  • exotic colors (colors from other worlds)
  • chiseled blocks
  • built vs unbuilt space (e.g. to discourage builds that are just a bunch of plots full of high prestige blocks)

I believe these are generally all calculated against the distribution of blocks in the beacon—so, in order to have a high multiplier, you need to maintain a decent balance of all of the above aspects.

Some specific numbers that we have today (from my understanding of the game files; my interpretation could be wrong here):

Variety: I’m not sure exactly how this one is calculated.

Exotic Colors: The multiplier for otherwordly colors caps out at 1.3x, if you have 30% or more of the blocks in your beacon w/ colors from other worlds.

Chiseling: The multiplier for chiseled blocks caps out at 1.2x, if you have 25% or more of the blocks in your beacon chiseled.

Built Space: The multiplier for built vs empty space caps out at 1.5x, if your beacon is 10% or less built (the rest being air)

The max multiplier (after combining them all) for a beacon is 2.5x.

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