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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current release of the game. It was last updated for release 211.

Guilds are a new system feature. To join a guild, you must access the guild book and request to join. The guild membership approver, executive, or leader must then approve the request. You may join multiple guilds. The system allows for a new set of controls for managing guild privileges and factions. You can assign privileges using the guild book, and those privileges apply to all Beacons under the guild's control. The beacons aligned to the guild will tout the guild's name and can contribute footfall to guild funds. The collective guild effort contributes endeavor, and endeavor can be used to activate guild buffs, which come from mavhines. Everyone in the guild receives the up to three active buffs. [1]

Establishing a Guild[edit | edit source]

A guild is established by crafting a Guild Control.pngGuild Control and placing it within a beaconed area.

Guilds must have a universe-wide unique name (up to 20 characters long) and a shorter (up to 5 letters) abbreviation which does not have to be unique.

Once a Guild is established, Beacons may be added. This is done by going to the Beacon Control Overview Tab under Guild Alignment and clicking on the Align This Beacon To a Guild button. That will make the Beacon and all its Plots fall under the membership of the Guild. The Beacon may also be dontaed to the Guild itself, by clicking the Allow This Guild To Control This Beacon button. The Beacon may be removed from the Guild through the same Tab.

Joining a Guild[edit | edit source]

The founder of a Guild automatically becomes a member of that Guild with all privileges. Other Citizens must request to join the guild using the Guild Control, and must be accepted by existing Guild members with the Membership Control privilege.

A Citizen may belong to up to 5 Guilds. One of those Guilds must always be the Citizen's Primary Guild.

Membership Ranks[edit | edit source]

There are 4 member ranks within a guild. Each rank has additional privileges.

basic members, can be assigned Builder, Worker, and Engineer privileges
can be given Coin, Buff, and Membership privileges
can assign Operative and Controller ranks and privileges in the Guild
can set all ranks and privileges

Endeavour[edit | edit source]

Every 100 XP earned by a Citizen will contribute 1 Endeavour to their primary Guild.

Guild Buffs[edit | edit source]

Helix machines operating in a small Guild base

Guild Buffs are Guild-wide benefits for Members. They are propagated by the crafting of Helixs and require Coin and Endeavour to activate. A guild may have up to 3 Guild Buffs active at the same time. Buffs last 1 full week from activation.

As of release 210, the following Helix Machines are available to Guilds.

Guild Factions[edit | edit source]

Guild Directors can create Factions within a guild. Factions are a way to organize permissions and work. A Citizen may choose a faction as their Primary Guild.

Factions may have their own Buffs and also inherit their parent Guild buffs.