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A Creature is a term for the various fauna found across the Boundless universe.

Concept art of different animals

Types of Creatures[edit | edit source]

Creatures have a progression of 6 tiers, and in addition may sport Elemental or Exotic progression. For example, a Mighty Shocking Spitter is a Tier 4 range melee Creature with a special shock attack that is likely to drop Shock Shards when defeated. Exotic variants include Creatures with additional Health, Damage, Armour, and Speed buffs.

Tier Adjective
1 (none)
2 Stout
3 Strong
4 Mighty
5 Elite
6 Hyper

The following creatures are currently implemented in the game.

Aggressive Creatures
Name Tier Range Base HP Base Damage
Hopper 1-5
Spitter 1-5
Cuttletrunk 1-5
Passive Creatures
Name Tier Range Base HP Base Damage
Wildstock 1-5
Road Runner 1-3

Planned creatures:

Creature Drops[edit | edit source]

When defeated, Creatures may be hit one more time with a weapon and their carcass will drop one or more items. Among the items are the following.

In addition, Elemental Creatures may drop Shards.

It's comforting to note that creature carcasses are instanced, which means that once a Creature is defeated, each Character in the vicinity can retrieve a set of drops.