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Crafting is essential to Boundless. It allows you to build weapons, blocks, and props. A great external resource for crafting is Boundlesscrafting, a fan-made website that shows you crafting recipes using the in-game GUI.

Crafting UI Basics[edit | edit source]

Crafting Skills[edit | edit source]

See the full list of skills used in crafting by clicking this link.[edit | edit source]

Many crafting skills unlock new recipes.

Bulk Craft: Unlocks the ability to Bulk Craft items with a machine. Bulk Crafting allows you to add more items to the crafting queue.

Mass Craft: Unlocks the ability to Mass Craft items with a machine. Mass Crafting allows you to add even more items to the crafting queue.

Crafting Recipes[edit | edit source]

All recipes can be found at Recipes.

See also[edit | edit source]

Forging Gear[edit | edit source]

This uses the Centraforge in order to augment and power up tools and weapons. You do this to make the weapons and tools you have work for you in new and interesting ways including but not limited to: Auto-looting corpses Changing block types Glowing in the dark Hitting for more damage Hitting more than one thing at a time and much more!

Forged gear is the most useful gear in the game. You can have up to three of each Boons, Quirks, and Defects on a single piece of gear. Up to nine items can be forged at one time of the same category (i.e. alloy hammers, or metal hammers, or stone hammers but not a mix of them). Each type of forgable tool/weapon (copper, iron, silver, etc.) has a "Flexibility" that determines the effectiveness and how easy something is to forge. Flexibility is set from a range of 0 (hardest to forge) to 150 (easiest to forge).

To learn about the basics of Forging head over to the Centraforge page.

More information here Forging about buffs, quirks, and defects your gear can gain.

To learn about the ingredients required to forge gear a list exists here Forge Ingredient Crafting