Copper Swift Hammer

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This article may contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current release of the game. It was last updated for release 223.
Copper Swift Hammer
Hammer Tool
Copper Swift Hammer
Crafting XP 10
A strong Copper Hammer for breaking Rocks. Has more Durability.

The Copper Swift Hammer is the basic mining tool used in early-mid game. It is fast but takes more swings to break stuff.

Copper Swift Hammer.png Copper Swift Hammer
Ingredient Single Craft Icon.png Single (1) Bulk Craft Icon.png Bulk (3) Mass Craft Icon.png Mass (10)
Glue.pngGlue 1 3 8
Sackcloth.pngSackcloth 1 3 8
Stick.pngStick 4 10 29
Copper Bar.pngCopper Bar 3 8 22
Icon Time.png Crafting Time 1m 0s 3m 0s 10m 0s
Wear.png Wear 7 14 35
Required Skill: Tool Crafting.png Tool Crafting 1
Machine: Workbench