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Beacons can be placed to claim land and protect creations. They allow players to choose who can and cannot visit[note 1] or build on pieces of land. Beacons will expire after a certain amount of time if not fueled with Beacon Fuel.

Each player is entitled to craft one or more Beacons that can be used to claim and control land, allowing the owner to decide whether other players, friends or guild members can alter or add to the existing area.
Players can combine Beacons with other players to form settlements (see main article) and share land. A plot is considered to be 8x8x8 blocks, or a total space of 512 cubic units.

Beacons can be used to secure strategic resources or locations. For example, one might find a rich resource deposit and claim it before anyone else, then set up a shop on the surface and sell the goods.[citation needed]

A Beacon consists of one or more Plots and has at least one Beacon Control or Campfire.

Beacon Control[edit | edit source]

To be claimed, a plot initially requires a Beacon Control to be placed and fueled - once the area is claimed, the control block is no longer necessary.[1]

Campfire[edit | edit source]

A simple Beacon for claiming Land. Protects Items and Furnishings placed within its reach from other Citizens and World Regeneration, until the Campfire burns out. Non-refuelable.
Ingredient Single Craft Icon.png Single (1) Bulk Craft Icon.png Bulk (3) Mass Craft Icon.png Mass (10)
Lustrous Wood Trunk.pngAny Trunk 2 5 15
Lush Foliage.pngAny Foliage 4 10 29
Icon Time.png Crafting Time 0s 0s 0s
Wear.png Wear 0 0 0
Machine: Crafting Table

The Campfire is generally a temporary block that allows players to place a Beacon for a brief period of time before it expires.

A Campfire only lasts about 2 hours and can not be refueled. It can be handcrafted.

A campfire can also be used as a decorative Block within a beacon.

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References[edit | edit source]

  1. [1]Testing 161: Beacon plots can now be removed even if there is a console inside of them, this is a change that also removes the limit on the number of consoles a beacon has and is forward planning for beacon fuelling. Beacon consoles are purely an interface onto 'whatever beacon happens to be that position' and no longer store any state whatsoever. They're just blocks!

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This is currently not available in-game.