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Attributes are characteristics which improve a Character's effectiveness in various areas of the game. Attributes are increased by allocating skill points up to a maximum of 8 per attribute skill.

Vitality[edit | edit source]

Increasing the Vitality attribute will improve maximum health.

Power[edit | edit source]

Increasing the Power attribute will improve the damage dealt to Creatures and Blocks. Increases Power, which increases Damage to creatures and blocks. Vigour is used in the Centraforge.

Control[edit | edit source]

Increasing the Control attribute will improve throwing range and building distance.

Dexterity[edit | edit source]

Increasing the Dexterity attribute will improve swing and placement speeds. The Dexterity Bonus will increase Action Speed and Block Placement Speed.

Agility[edit | edit source]

Increasing the Agility attribute will improve movement speed and the chance to score a Critical Strike.

Intelligence[edit | edit source]

Increasing the Intelligence attribute will improve Healing Potency.

Luck[edit | edit source]

Increasing the Luck attribute will improve the chance for items to drop. Boost Luck, which increases the chance of extra drops from Blocks and Creatures.

Zeal[edit | edit source]

Increases Zeal, which increases maximum energy and (de)buff duration modifier, by making buffs last longer and debuffs last for less time.

Energy[edit | edit source]

Increasing the Energy attribute will improve maximum stamina.

Attributes Bonus[edit | edit source]

Boosts all attributes by 2 Pts.

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